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The Benefits of Knowing Your Audience

Last week, I discussed the importance of being able to effectively utilize an array of social media platforms in order to achieve marketing goals. This week, a series of advertisements recently launched by American Eagles intimates subdivision Aerie caught my attention for their incorporation of social media into the company’s new campaign. The brand, which has in the past targeted young women up to the college age, is currently promoting a line of photos which display the caption #aeriereal. The photos from this campaign have come with a disclaimer from the company that none of the women who are featured in the photos have been digitally retouched. Aerie’s tagline for the campaign, the real you is sexy, aims to inform Aerie consumers that they, like the models, have natural beauty. 

In order to optimize this campaign, the Aerie website encourages consumers to share their photos to Instagram and Twitter along with the tag #aeriereal. Aerie’s website even offers a photo gallery of the images which were uploaded and accompanied by the hashtag. I think this is a good example of a company who is aware of what is important to their consumers.The #aeriereal campaign appears to be continuing on the mentality behind the wildly popular Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, and focusing it on a younger demographic. 

The amount of photos which have been equipped with #aeriereal speak to the success of the campaign. However, in addition to choosing the right message for their audience, Aerie very clearly knew which platforms to utilize as well. As the Pew Report for 2013 proves, women are more frequent on social media then men, and Aerie’s target demographic is the group most involved in social media. Aerie was able to put a fresh spin on a proven marketing message, and combined it with the right platforms to create a campaign which has caught the attention of their target audience and beyond.