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“Selfie-Made” Celebrities


With an increasing amount of companies becoming aware of the importance of making their business platforms accessible to mobile consumers, there has been a lot of talk about how this is changing the dynamic between companies and clients. In my opinion, to those of us who have been immersed in the world of smart phones for some time now, it isn’t really breaking news that the marketplace has relocated itself into the palm of your hand.

Instead, what I think is interesting and less talked about is the way that the social media platforms which business are utilizing to become more in touch with their consumers are in turn turning some of their consumers into businesses of their own. One of the cover stories in the latest edition of Vogue magazine read, “Selfie-Made Kate Upton And The Rise Of The Social-Media Supermodel.” With the ability for content to be shared and become viral over social-media, more and more we are seeing individuals, such as Kate Upton, who have used Instagram, Youtube, or something of the sort in order to create a name for themselves and become famous online to the point where it translates into offline fame as well.

Businesses have played a substantial role in ensuring that this is a trend which keeps going. It is now commonplace to see a user on Instagram with a few hundred thousand followers who has included in their Instagram Bio a way for companies to direct business inquires. In this respect, these individuals are no longer just consumers themselves, but they have also been turned into a popular commodity which businesses are smart enough to attempt to link themselves too .